Philosophisches Fernsehen

Philosophy TV bietet einen breiten Überblick über philosophische Themen (via The Scout Report, Volume 21, Number 29):

„For those readers who love a good conversation, and especially a good conversation about great ideas, Philosophy TV provides an astounding array of material about nearly everything philosophically related. Interlocutors include grad students and professors neck deep in their disciplines, speaking on topics as widely ranging as free will, love, moral disgust, and astrophysics. Readers may like to scout the site by categories, of which there are many, including aesthetics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of psychology, just to name a few. Most episodes are approximately one hour long and are presented as a dialogue between two speakers. Each is accompanied by a handy text synopsis that explains what the two philosophers spoke about, including timestamps for specific reference to topics discussed.“


Quelle: Philosophisches Fernsehen